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Garage Door Anatomy 101

Riverside garage door repair customers do not absolutely need to know anything about their garage doors except how to use them and what symptoms to look for that let you know it is time to let a professional service them. However, we at Choice Garage Door Riverside still believe it is a great idea for all our customers to at least be familiar with the different parts and their function. Knowledge is power. This particular knowledge can help you operate your door safely and save money on repair.

We all understand how our garage doors make life better; they protect our belongings and keep out the elements. We do not all know how many distinct components make up a working garage door even though we may look at them every day! How can you ever perform your own maintenance or properly articulate to a garage door repair technician what the problem is if you don’t know anything about garage doors? Let’s change that today. Since sectional garage doors have become the most popular kind, let’s get acquainted with them.


Starting at the very bottom and working our way up, we have the weatherstripping. These parts help reduce airflow under and around the garage door. They are also a fairly effective barrier against large insects and rodents. Most of these will be made of either vinyl or rubber, but some are actually brush bristles.


Your garage door’s track is what guides its movement and offers support. It is crucial to keep the path of the track unobstructed by dirt, grime, or any other debris so that it does not gum up the works. If seriously warped, broken, or bent, replacing a garage door track will require some tools that many homeowners don’t have on hand, which is why most call on us to handle that for them.


Garage door panels or sections are essentially the door itself. Older garage doors tended to be one large piece but now the doors are cut into smaller pieces to allow for the door to be opened without having to clear a large amount of space in front. These sections are on hinges and inside a track that allows them to bend enough to move them from vertical to horizontal.


These hinges are just like any other hinge joining two parts. They are secured by screws to each panel and have metal touching on metal so it is important to lubricate them if you notice them sticking together, making loud noise, or are leaving metal shavings on the ground.


You need the roller to do the actual motion that allows the door panels to move smoothly in the track. The steal rollers will make the most noise and the nylon rollers are the quietest. Due to their role in the operation of a garage door, they suffer friction-related wear.

Torsion and Extension Spring

There are two types of garage door spring. The older style of garage door relied upon extension springs which stretch and contract as the door moves down and up. With the more common panel garage doors, the spring you need to be familiar with is the extension spring. They are mounted on the wall, above the door. Torsion springs twist in order to raise or lower the door. These springs are far stronger than extension springs and must be handled with care. If the tension were to violently release and cause the spring to break, it could injure or even kill someone. Garage door spring repair is one job that is probably better suited for the professional garage door technician.

Lock Bar

This is what keeps the garage door from being opened when you don’t want it to be. It is a bar that goes cross-ways into the track or a box mounted on the well next to it. When this metal bar goes in, it can’t be moved unless the locking mechanism is engaged.

With this information, I hope you have all you need to do some further research. You can take a look on the internet and also go out to your garage and see these parts up close. Watch what they do when you use their functions. Do you notice any problems? If so, you now know what you need and may even be able to handle some simple things like oiling the hinges.

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  • Bill Braskii December 14, 2017 at 12:15 am

    Very informative! Anyone seeking garage door repair in Riverside or Moreno Valley should read this.

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