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Helpful tips for garage door maintenance

A garage door is a very essential component of your home and especially when your garage has a door of entrance to your house. This being the case, the garage door needs to be in the best condition possible to ensure the security of your house as well as that of your vehicle. For it to function quietly and satisfactorily, it goes without saying that it will require constant maintenance. And in addition to its proper functioning, failure to properly maintain it could definitely cost you a lot in terms of the expensive repairs or even necessitating replacement of the whole door or opener along the way. Being the largest moving part of your home with a high probability of being operated several times a day, its periodic care is necessary even though its parts are normally built to last. So if you happen to be actively involved in the regular maintenance of your door, including the servicing of its overhead, continue with the good work and your reward will be a reliable and a long-lasting door. If however you have not been involved in this, provided below are some helpful tips to help you get started.

• Seeking services of maintenance professionals.
Despite the fact that a competent homeowner can do garage door maintenance to some extent, some specific tasks would still require the services of a professional, whether a company or an individual. Could your door be torsion-spring operated, for instance, periodic professional maintenance would be critical to ensure the spring is operating well and also kept free from rust. Failure to do proper maintenance of the spring can possibly lead to damage or breakage. Chain-driven doors on the other hand would also need professional care, particularly in the lubrication of the opening mechanism to mention a few.

• DIY Garage Door Maintenance.
As far as the required garage door maintenance is concerned, there are some maintenance items you can comfortably handle without the need for the services of a professional. To begin with, it’s always recommended to be doing a full visual inspection of the garage door (possibly every 3 to 6 months). Examine it while it’s closed carefully inspecting its hardware. If there is anything that seems loose like the bolts or roller brackets, tighten them up. Inspect the rollers for any signs of deterioration, mainly looking for chips or cracks. If you discover that the rollers are aging, it would require you to replace them with new ones. On the same note, inspect all door components from inside out as you look for rust, cable wear, loose hardware and broken or bent parts.

As you raise the door and lower it down, closely observe its operation for any jerks or hitches. The cause of these is often due to its rollers. These being the case, clean them removing all the debris and dirt with a rag or an old cloth. Then spray WD-40 onto all the rollers as well as the tracks, hinges, latches and springs. Afterwards, wipe them down using a cloth and apply a suitable household oil (light duty) to lubricate them. This helps to keep them working properly.

To prevent rust setting in, the garage door needs to be kept absolutely clean both inside and outside. To clean it, you can use a gentle household detergent or dish soap with some warm water. Use hose/power washer in washing off the soap and allow it to dry. Once clean, add a layer of some car wax to it (or in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendation) to prevent building up of dirt in the future and protecting your door.

Another aspect of the garage door that needs your attention is the weather sealant attached at the bottom of the garage door, on the door frame and in-between the garage door panels. Examine it well and if it’s broken/split or has cracks, do a replacement.
If your garage door is made of wood, you will need to apply fresh paint/sealer each year to ensure its proper preservation.

• Automatic garage door opener maintenance.
Garage door openers usually require regular professional maintenance each and every year. Even then, it’s mandatory for you to do some basic tests on them on a month basis. Optic sensors as well as the door’s reversing mechanisms help in preventing potential accidents, and examining them to ascertain their proper operation is just a simple and short process.

As the door lowers, take a broom or any other long-handled tool and wave it in-between the sensors. If the door reverses and reopens, the sensor is in good working condition. For testing the reverse mechanism, place a small piece of wood onto the ground where it can be hit by the door then close the door. On hitting the wood, it would reverse and reopen if the door reverser is working properly. Moreover, be attentive for any strange scraping or grinding sounds while operating it. You may then test all the remote controls and the key pads for their proper functionality.

If the opener sensors are non-operational, they may require to be realigned could they have been out of line. This you can do by gently pushing them to a position in which they can face each other. When not properly aligned, the sensors usually have blinking lights. Re-position them until their lights become solid instead of blinking.

As I come to a conclusion, its worthwhile to mention that a garage door professional company has the tools, in addition to the experience, required to test all critical aspects of your garage door including its force and balance. A professional can not only repair the worn or damaged components of your garage door but can also improve its general condition significantly. And as a matter of fact, experts recommend seeking these professional services at least once a year before the extreme whether seasons; possibly in spring and fall.

By incorporating these garage door maintenance tips on a regular basis, you can well be assured of the safety of your garage door, as well as its good condition even for many more years to come.

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