Preparing Your Garage Door for Summer

May is here and that means summer is around the corner. And with the arrival of the summer months comes summer home maintenance. The cold and icy conditions of winter can be hard on garage doors, thus there might be need for some touch ups and repairs. Also, regular and proper maintenance can help you avoid headaches as well as make your entry simple. Here are some essential tips for preparing your garage door for the summer.

  1. Clean the Garage Door
  2. clean-garage-doorCleaning your garage door typically will involve using water, rags and cleaners. However, you may need some special cleaning agent depending on the kind of garage door you have. A proper cleaning will help ensure that your door is free of dirt as well as functioning properly.

  3. Cleaning Wooden Garage Doors
  4. Cleaning wooden garage doors can be problematic because water may seep into the wood, particular if there are cracks on the surface of the wood. Make sure there are no cracks on your door before you start the cleaning process. You can utilize a solution of water and cleanser (a cup of concentrated cleaner to 5 gallons of water) to get rid of grime or dirt from your door. Scrub the surface after which you rinse properly using clean water. Allow the door to dry completely and then apply a coat of finish to protect the wood. If there are damaged areas, use primer or oil to cover the wood substrate.

  5. Cleaning Steel Doors
  6. Steel garage doors are simple to clean. You only require a mild cleaning agent to keep your door sparkly clean. Mix the cleaning agent with water at room temperature and then use it to wash your door with the aid of a soft bristled brush or sponge. This will get rid of any grime or dirt without removing the layer that coats the garage door.

    Do not forget to rinse off the soap from your door in order to get rid of any residue which might ruin the door’s film and damage its durability. Allow the door to completely dry and then apply a coat of wax to protect the door.

  7. Lubricate Moving Parts
  8. garage door lubeOne of the simplest ways to ensure that your garage door runs smoothly all through the summer months is to lubricate all the moving components. Ensuring that moving parts are well lubricated will get rid of screeches and loud noises while closing and opening the door. Be sure to use the grade of oil recommended by your door’s manufacturer. Avoid using WD-40 oil grade for lubrication, as it attracts dust/dirt and may seriously damage the moving parts. Grease or oil the metal tracks within the rolling shutter doors. When preparing your garage door for summer remember to also lubricate parts such as rollers, hinges, pulleys, screws, chain, and so forth.

  9. Get Rid of Rust
  10. Flaking paint or visible rust on a steel garage door is a sign that moisture is causing damage. First, sand the rust and then apply a primer that is rich in zinc. Lastly paint the door using a high quality exterior paint.

  11. Insulation
  12. Insulation-thermal-image-garagedoorGarage door insulation is not only for the chilly winter months, it can also be highly beneficial during the summer. Keep out the outside air and keep in the conditioned air by making sure that the garage door is insulated properly. Proper insulation can also help keep out the heat within living spaces which might be directly located above your garage.

  13. Examine the Door for Wear
  14. The first component you should check is the garage door cables. Do the cables look worn or are they frayed? If you answered yes, contact a dependable garage door company to replace the cables without delay. If you do not have experience replacing garage door cables, it is worth the cost to hire an expert to perform the task for you. This is because replacing the cables on your own can be a very dangerous undertaking.

    Also, check to see that the ball-bearings, rods, supports as well as the hinges are in good condition. If you detect any loose component or damage, make sure the issue is resolved right away. This way, you will avoid incurring a hefty repair cost later in the future.

  15. Reinforce your Door
  16. If you reside in an area that is prone to extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, then you should consider reinforcing your door. Check your door to ensure it has no openings or holes and that it is sufficiently strong to keep your home safe from damage during storms.

  17. Check your Garage Door Auto-Reverse Safety Feature
  18. The auto-reverse safety feature comprises of two mechanisms: photocell and mechanical. To examine the mechanical feature, get a brick or piece of wood and place it within the door’s path. Once the door, which is coming down, hits the brick or wood, it should reverse course and move back up. To examine the photocell feature, close the door and simply place your leg within the door’s path. The door should reverse before it gets to your leg.

    Your garage door opener may not have these fundamental safety features if it is more than twenty years old. If that is the case, it is time you purchase a new door opener.

  19. Examine the Bolts
  20. Examine the bolts at the rear side of the track and ensure that they are installed properly and tightened. Aside from being a maintenance concern, it is also essential for safety. You do not want your garage door to fall down without notice and injure someone or damage your vehicle.

Preparing your garage door for summer is always a good idea, as it will help keep your door in excellent condition all through the season. Also, regular maintenance can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs. Nevertheless, serious repairs such as garage door spring and opener replacement should be carried out only by professional garage door repair technicians. These professionals have several years of experience and expertise in handling all kinds of door brands and models. Get in touch with a reliable garage door repair firm for professional installation or repairs.

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