Repairing Your Garage Door

Repairing Your Garage Door

The relevant parts of the garage assembly can be divided into two major parts – the garage door and the garage door opener. Today’s blog post will focus on the door.

How the Garage Door Moves

All garage doors, no matter the type, operate on the powerful tension created by springs. The door slides within metal tracks mounted on the wall of the garage. Everyone with a garage should be prepared to perform some basic maintenance and repair on their garage door. Being capable of this will probably save you money and time spent waiting for someone else to do it. It also may make you feel good to know that you are not totally helpless. You can do anything you set your mind too! (well, almost anything)

Begin by inspecting the garage door track. Inspect the track for any obstructions from debris or deformation of the track itself. If the garage door track is dented or bent, you can try hammering it back into shape with a rubber mallet. If you do not have that, you can press a block of wood up to the track and hit it with a normal hammer.

Clean the tracks and rollers with normal cleaning solution. You are better off not lubricating the rollers since the lubrication will trap debris and clog the track. Plastic tipped rollers are the best; they are quiet and do not need lubrication.

Check for any loose parts. If you find any, these should be easy to tighten. There are different parts to check depending on whether the door is the swing up kind or roll up. On a swing up door, you need to check the plates where the spring is attached. If there are any screws loose, tighten them up! The hinges for rolling doors are what need to be checked when looking for things to tighten.

Be forewarned: If you have a single maladjusted or broken torsion spring above your garage door, let an expert replace it. There is a lot of force stored in torsion springs, so mistakes can be dangerous!

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