UC Riverside Students MUST Eat at these Spots

Now we would like to take some time to focus on other aspects of Riverside, California, our lovely hometown. When we are not focusing on all things garage door, we are out and about enjoying the great food, art, and history of this world class city. Keep reading; we think you will enjoy today’s post!

Are you a newly enrolled college student at UC Riverside and have no clue on different dining options available? Worry not because the list below will give you some of best restaurants for college students. Regardless of whether you are plain starving or a food fanatic, remember to have an empty stomach before trying out any of the restaurants suggested. The basis of this list of restaurants includes reviews from professors and students, and it encompasses the frequently mentioned spots.

    1. Boba Tea House

tumblr_inline_mmctueCJHO1qz4rgpAs one of the best restaurants for college students in Riverside, Boba Tea House will give you an entirely novel way of experiencing tea. Located on Blaine Street, this dining spot is an excellent place for you to savor on your favorite blend of tea flavors. The many options available include milk or black tea, green and iced tea. The menu is vibrant and inclusive of any fruit that crosses your mind. Some of the fan favorites are taro milk tea, lychee green, and mango black tea.

    1. The Salted Pig

the-salted-pig-30-1364825327This joint is the best option for those who are fond of a variety of bacon recipes including bacon fat popcorn, bacon ice cream or Bloody Mary bacon. Saturday nights are usually full, with customers who include Riverside residents, students, and professors. The pub itself is relatively new and located in the downtown part of the city where it gives a cozy setting to enjoy any pig-related serving. Whether you are a fan of roasted almonds, burgers, or mussels, you are sure to get unique flavors and dishes that will satiate your hunger. Keep in mind that the portions served are not only huge but at times slightly salty also. The Pig Board and filthy fries are what most diners prefer when dining here.

    1. Red Hot Kitchen

red hot kitchenThis eatery is an Asian-Mexican fusion whose primary specialty is tasty tacos comprising of pork, Kogi beef or chicken as the key ingredients. This spot is perfect for lovers of spicy, sweet or hot meals that include kimchi, fries, burgers and salads in addition to tacos. One of the key merits and reason for you to visit this dining place is its proximity to the University. You can save some dining dollars by opting for the famous Taco Tuesday for only 99 cents. Based on feedback from fans, mushroom poppers, and Mini Kogi tacos are the two favorite dishes.

    1. ProAbition

PROABITION-LOGO2This lounge happens to be one of the best restaurants for college students, especially those in pursuit of good eats and vibrant nightlife. It has decorations comprising of burlesque art and 1920s embellishment in addition to live shows and bands. You will get maximal entertainment while waiting for your food. The menu has a wide array of options including salads, soups, sandwiches, and much more. This eatery will intrigue you from the moment you enter, from the decor and presentation to the taste of food. Fan favorites include kimchi sliders, Tandoori flatbread, and blue cheese fries.

    1. Jammin’ Bread

Located in Canyon Crest, this amazing, family-owned bakery will give you a chance to eat the best food and fresh treats. There are also different lunch specials, which are quite costly but worth every penny considering their yummy soups and sandwiches. You need to know that you can’t use your credit cards here, though there isn’t any sign up indicating this policy. Some of the client favorites include a veggie sandwich, pecan bars, and lemon bars.

    1. Asahi

sushi asahiThis spot is one of the most popular and favorite sushi eateries for students at Riverside. While the meals are incredibly delicious, the place is pretty small and tends to be full on Saturday and Friday nights. For the lovers of sushi and those who have had an initial dislike of sushi, this place will for sure make you change your mind. It is approximately ten to fifteen minutes drive from UC Riverside near Van Buren. Fans claim to love the Asahi roll and the Riverside Roll; both served at this restaurant.

    1. Miss Pad Thai

MissPadThai-MorenoValley-CAThis dining spot is only a 5-minute drive from the University, and here you will get to cherish a homey vibe while enjoying original Thai Cuisine. Other favorite dishes suggested by fans include Sauteed chicken/beef and fried rice.

    1. Tio’s Tacos

tios tacosIt is not only one of the best restaurants for college students, but Tio’s Tacos is also Riverside’s ideal dining spot. It is known for its authentic Mexican meals and lies on the Mission Inn Avenue. Additionally, the art, decor and the whole vibe is just awesome. Agua Fresca is the fan favorite with more than 20 different flavors available for this drink.

    1. The Sub Station

sub stationThis classic eatery located in the village of Bannockburn offers the best sandwiches in town and not forgetting their delicious and mouth-watering pastrami. The restaurant is not only inexpensive, but it also has a broad range of lunch dishes for customers to choose. You can stop by this place in between classes and get the chance to experience this spot of awesomeness. The fan favorites are the Big Dude as well as ham and cheese.

    1. Punjab Palace

punjab palaceVirtually all Riverside natives are aware of the fantastic lunch buffet served at Punjab Place. You can get a delicious and memorable meal for as less as 8.95 bucks. Most customers are fond of the garlic naan and chicken tikka masala.

It is thus clear that Riverside has numerous restaurants suitable and perfect for college students. You can’t go wrong by choosing one or more from the list above.

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