Why You Need To Use Garage Door Armor As a Part of Your Home Security

Whenever you are on vacation or simply out for a couple of hours for work, leaving your house unprotected will always make you worry. No home can be totally protected to the threats of burglars from breaking in so initiating a plan to protect your home while you are out can bring a peace of mind and significantly reduce the risks of break-ins from happening.

The most common entry point of every burglar would be the garage door. It is the easiest way to get inside the house, especially when you are using easy-to-break locks and security measures. To protect your home from potential burglars, installing garage door armor can bring utmost security to you, your family and your priced possessions.

What is Garage Door Armor?

It is easy to break-in to a house through the garage door. In fact, most burglars prefer going through the garage door since it is one of the easiest point to break. If you do not have an alarm or any sort of protection, it will take only 6 seconds for someone to break-in and steal something from your house.

The garage door armor is perfect for homeowners who want to build the best security to their home. This will keep intruders away from breaking in and will keep your house completely safe. It works as a shield that you can place on your garage door, thus keeping your home burglar proof.

The garage door armor can be installed in just a couple of minutes. It does not require complicated measures and instructions that most people are not used to following. All you need is to follow the easy instructions and get the armor working in your garage door. Furthermore, you do not need a professional for installation. All homeowners can install the armor despite having no assistance from others.

Why use Garage Door Armor than zip tie lock

Although zip tie locks can also bring safety, this mode of security does not make your garage door completely free from break-ins. Also, it does not comply with Federal Safety Regulations because of the major fire safety hazard. So in general, it is much advisable to use garage door armor than zip tie locks when it comes to keeping your garage door completely break proof.

Types of Garage Door Armor

There are two kinds of garage door armors offered in the market. The first one is a shield type that is commonly used by a lot of homeowners while the other one is the garage door armor pro that is a professionally installed version of the previous one, both built to sustain a large amount of force and last for years to come.

Other Benefits of Garage Door Armor

Aside from easy installation, garage door armor can also be installed without using so many tools, making it very convenient to use especially for busy people. It does not require maintenance so no extra fees throughout the years of using the system. In addition, it also provides easy detection of forced entry from burglars.

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